About us

  • We are based in Fullerton California, U.S.A. and Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. There is a need for identifying talent and developing skills in Students and connecting them to the right people. The earlier this is accomplished the more successful an individual can become. It is easy to lose focus and direction while trying to fit into a network or group.

  • We have created 'Ujobi' as a portal for an Individual to show case their talents and build a focused skill set without the challenges of trying to fit in to a specific group. Classroom projects can only go so far. Our goal is to provide focused hands on experience through tasks listed by Companies or Individuals allowing Students to enhance and build their skill set while also building a solid resume.

  • For Companies, we provide access to a global workforce and network of skills waiting to be harnessed. Companies can screen and select potential talent without much risk. The Ujobi network allows Entrepreneurs to tap into this pool of highly motivated and talented Individuals to build a successful and enthusiastic team ready to hit the ground running and take their startup to the next level.

  • The Ujobi 'UAssociates' feature and 'UFriends' portal allows people to connect across continents, make international friends and trustworthy associates in the most far reaching locations of the globe.

All at very affordable costs.

Our Motto:

Connecting Talent to Task and Ideas to Action.


Empower Individuals by identifying talent early on and creating specific skills sets to pave the path to a successful career and connecting employers to the right people.

Ujobi Team

Sajjad Syed

Director of Strategy and Co-Founder

Fereidoun Abtin

Business Development and Co-Founder

Farbod Abtin

Operation Manager

Harpreet Saini

Lead Full Stack Software Developer